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December 10, 2006




Journal Entry: Sun Dec 10, 2006, 4:45 PM



[ Hey! Big Athens devMEET on the 17th! Will you be there? ]

You know you're weird when you...

1) Spend more money for milk than anything else.

2) Put sprite in your spaghetti and expect it to taste good.

3) Find Dan Radcliffe extremely hot in that deviation.

4) Spend some time almost every other day, either logged in or logged out, modifying Wikipedia the past two years.

5) Enjoy reading Whitehead's and Russel's Principia Mathematica.

6) Have been working on too many new features for deviantART and miss the bug-busting weeks we used to have. And then again you're so happy that you can spend a few days working on bugs again.

7) Really believe that one day you will become famous because of one of your projects.

8) Identify with Alex from Elephant.

9) Celebrate Peter Pan as your mascot because you want to stay a boy forever.

10) Think that you will be the last to die in this world.

11) Always have a browser tab open in some page.

12) Enjoy doing push-ups in the middle of crowded streets.

13) Would kill, if you knew you'd never be caught.

14) Sometimes believe in magic.

15) Find reading a good SQL query better than sex.

16) Have tried to read and understand how the JavaScript code from Gmail works (and succeeded).

17) Are a developer and like hexentanz.

18) Among your computers, 3 are connected to the Internet, all sharing one dial-up connection.

19) Don't like sports or games involving balls.

20) Your name is Διονύσης.

21) Are writing a why-am-I-weird list of 50 items.

22) Are convinced that any number multiplied with e + 1 gives zero as the result.

23) Like Heidi's bad your-mom jokes.

24) Are 19 and will still write a letter to Santa Claus this year.

25) Are in love with a fictional 12-year-old boy.

26) Are obsessed with code formatting standards. And try to force it to other members of your teams.

27) All your furniture is from IKEA.

28) Would prefer to starve to death instead of dying peacefully in your bed from a heart attack.

29) Find Roxas the sexiest character ever created.

30) Find yourself woken up by strangers ringing your bell persistently who disappear as soon as you try to see who they are.

31) Have a great adoration towards statistics.

32) Have been practicing the art of Parkour for more than a year, and still enjoy it more and more every day.

33) And enjoy the company more than the actual sport.

34) Have a blog in a blogging system you've made yourself.

35) Use an mp3 player that you've made yourself (that runs on a web interface).

36) Use a PHP debugger that you've made yourself.

37) Prefer to implement something from scratch rather than use something already created by others, for the sake of learning how to build it.

38) Hence, you've created your own database layer for PHP, instead of using one of the many available.

39) Like metaprogramming.

40) Usually chat in Greek using Greek and not Greeklish.

41) Find it astonishingly amusing when two consequent svn commits of yours get non-sequential revision numbers.

42) Own a ring that is often mistaken for Isildur's Bane, but is in fact just a ring with Elvish carvings.

43) Often use 21 candles (or more) instead of electricity to illuminate your lab.

44) Would pay $100 for a good name.

45) People exclaim "shouldn't you be locked in a server room!" when they see you on dAmn.

46) Try to type using the wrong keyboard (not the one connected to the computer you're looking at), and you go like "why isn't it typing....."

47) Have named one of your teddy-bears Hephaestion.

48) Will spend new year's eve installing the new version of Excalibur on Chit-Chat (because nobody will be online on that time to notice the downtime).

49) Several of your poems (and prose) can be linked with each other through several symbols and points, leading to a totally different meaning sometimes.

50) Have made your own fictional programming language that was never implemented, yet was used in non-usable examples and documented.

[tagged by lordgonz]

...but I don't do these things, do I? :aww:

Which of these things apply to you? Why are you weird?

Leave a comment :)

  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: Everything you do is a Balloon
  • Reading: Principia Mathematica
  • Watching: Porn
  • Playing: it Straight
  • Eating: Turkey
  • Drinking: Milk
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Egir Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007
~ Me! Me! I enjoy reading "Principia Mathematica". Although: (1) while I have a mathematical approach on things, I'm generally consider a hater of math and (2) I'm more of a fan of his "Why am I not a Christian?"... :)

~ #7 is also a goer for me, although I don't just believe. I act!

~ On #13. I would kill even if I was to get caught. And to get more philosophical - everyone could and would kill, if the circumstances demanded it.

~ On #19. I don't enjoy football, basketball and other similar group sports? Does that count? 'Cause I like tennis and cricket (a for sports with balls) and fencing/riding and shooting (as sports in general - I also am skilled in all three, or so they say)

~ On#27. SOME of my furniture is from IKEA. And to tell you the truth, when I get a place of my own and modify it the way I want to, I'll commission some furniture made on IKEA designs, only using some quality wood for a change. Maybe...

~ On #40. No, but I often chat in reek using English and in Russian using Russian and not Russlish.

~ On #42. No, but I do own a signet ring with the family coat-of-arms (coronet included).

~ On #44. Would ask 1,000,000 for my own name!
dionyziz Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007
JohnHupp Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006   General Artist
Speaking of your blog, it insists that Safari (WebKit/Konqueror) is not supported and refuses to load (even when I click "try anyway"). However, when I masquerade as IE 6 by changing the user agent, it works fine... Maybe it could be a little less agressive?

On a different note...

I'm strange because I drink Diet Coke like most people do water.

And I agree so very much about the programming style, though I mostly work in markup and scripting languages, as it's not really my focus... It's like proper grammar in a spoken language.

The keyboard issue gets especially complicated with laptops...
dionyziz Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006
Yes, the blogging system is kind of aggressive, and since it's still in Alpha we don't want it to look weird in different browsers...
wrighton363 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
:faint: you seem more handy than weird!

Enideus Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
1. well not that I dont drink milk,but I spend incredible amounts on pepsi max,my drug ;P
2. gala se ospria pws sou fainetai?
7,14 .:nod:
13. not necessarily kill
15. well not for a good SQL book but for sth similar to my tastes
18. omfg!!!!!!patience is a virtue I am always into buying some more,but I keep on missing the stores's location
20.depends what are the naming standards you grew up with..
21.50 is a small number.believe me
28.nope by all accounts
33. for any sport yep.. its the team spirit i guess
37. aha,yeah
40. αρκει να βολευει η συζητηση
43. no lights for me,the screen lits the room enough
48. :lol: you seem much certain for that.. :evillaugh:
50:made my own fictional state,found adequate land and wrote the laws :P how does that sounds?

10. I actually think everyone else -apart from me- will
27. :lol: their standards dont fit neither my room nor my lifestyle in any way,unfortunately
30.I do that to others,does it count?
34,35,38. thats way too cool..
Skyrail Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
ooh your own state, I would love to make a country of my own including currency, laws, education system and other, want to give it a try =P
Enideus Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
:D :nod: thats what I mean!Even design the flag!
dont live in your own little worlds anymore,build your own state! :lol: and form alliances :rofl:
Skyrail Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006
:#1: oh yeahs, if you ever want to give it a shot just give me a shout :D
Enideus Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006
I will ! :D lol
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