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I'm addicted to tags

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 17, 2007, 7:45 PM



I know you're sick of it. You don't have to read it. I'll just write it.


This one is stolen from this deviant I recently discovered:


The shoes you wore today: Black and white VANS.
Your eyes: Brown and expressive, they say.
Hair colour: Original is brown/blonde, and I love it. I'm going back to it soon.
Your weakness: Boys.
Your fears: Big crowdy places.
One thing you'd like to achieve: Be able to run my own company (well, eventually)

Name: Dionysis Zindros.
Nicknames: Dionyziz, dionyziz (and older: Pizzicato, Pizzicato-Dionyziz)
Birthtime: 30th November 1987.
Gender: Boy.
Birthstone: None.
Zodiac: Sagittarius.

What is....
Your thoughts first waking up: Trying to recall my dreams.
The first feature you notice in the same sex: Age. Height. Hair.
Your best physical feature: Umm... face? :P
Your bedtime: Changes all the time. At the moment ~3.00am.
Your greatest accomplishment: Medal at the BOI.
Your most missed memory: That hug.
Your lucky number: π.

You prefer...
Pepsi or Coke? None, but if I had to, Coke.
McDonald's or Burger King? None, but if I had to, McDonald's.
Single or Group dates? Single.
Cappuccino or Coffee? I hate both equally.

Do you...
Smoke? No.
Take a shower every day? No.
Have a crush or crushes? Yes.
Who are they? I don't want to write it right here.
Do you think you've been in love? Certainly.
Want to go to college? I am in college.
Like high school? Not much, didn't use to.
Want to get married? No. I promised I wouldn't.
Think you're attractive? Yeah.
Think you're a health freak? No. I'm just careful.
Get along with your parents? Yes.
Play an instrument? Yes, the church organ.

In the past month did/have you...
Drank alcohol: Yes.
Smoked: No.
Done a drug: No. (ever)
Go on a date: No.
Go to the mall: Yes. (Dublin)
Been on stage: No.
Been dumped: No.
Gone skating: No.
Been in love: Yes. Still am.
Dyed your hair: Didn't dye it within the last month, but it's dyed at the moment.
Stolen anything: An Internet connection through Wireless.

Have you ever...
Flown on a plane? Many times.
Told a boy you liked them? Yes.
Cried during a movie? Often.
Thought an animated character was hot? Damn Roxas :heart:!
Had an imaginary friend? No. I planned to make one once, but never got into it. So no.
Cut your hair? Have it cut yeah, never cut it myself.
Had a crush on a teacher? No.
Played a game that required removal of clothing? Not really.
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated? No.
Been caught "doing something"? Nope.
Gotten beaten up? Fortunately not.
Been in a fight? Close to it, many times.

The future...
Age you hope to get married: I don't.
Numbers and names of children: WTF.
Describe your dream wedding: Non-existing.
How do you want to die? From hunger. Or anything else equivalently painful, lasting and delusional.
What do you want your funeral to be like? Traditional pre-columbian American.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy.
What country would you most like to visit? Japan.
Where would you want to live? Los Angeles.

Same sex...
Best eye color: Hazel/Green.
Best hair color: Blond.
Short or long hair: Short and spiked.
Best height: Shorter than me.
Best weight: Less than normal.
Best first date location: A forest.
Best first kiss location: The same forest.

Number of...
Number of kisses you've given: Too many to count.
Number of drugs taken illegally: None.
Number of people you could trust with my life: One.
Number of piercings: Two; eyebrow, left earlobe.
Number of tattoos: None.
Number of things in my past that I regret: One.

Shampoo: Aqua di Gio, Giorgio Armani.
Favourite Color: Many combinations.
Day or Night: It depends. Both.
Rain or Sun: Rain. It's more romantic.
Summer of Winter: Winter.
Food: Γύρος.
Movies: Elephant (2003), Amelie, Sommersturm.
Sport: Parkour.

Right now...
Wearing: Same hoodie as in devID and jeans.
Drinking: Nuffin.
Thinking about: Home in Ioannina, Greece.
Listening to: Nothing. I was listening to Perfect Circle and Hawthorne Heights before.
Talking to: Nobody. Everybody's asleep.

In the last 24h...
Worn jeans: Yes.
Met someone online: Yes. The person from whom I stole this tag actually.
Done laundry: No.
Drove a car: No. Wish I could drive. I should be getting back to those lessons soon.
Talked on the phone: Yes, to my family and Alex.

Do you believe in...
Yourself: Yes.
Your friends: Yes.
Santa Clause: No. I used to.
Tooth Fairy: No. I never did. I used to keep my teeth in a box.
Destiny/fate: No. I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.
Angels: Not any more.
Ghosts: No.
UFOs: No.
God: No.

Friends and life...
Do you ever wish you had another name? No, I like my name. If it wasn't Dionysis, I'd probably like Leonidas, or Alkinoos.
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Not at the moment.
Do you like somebody? Yes.
Which one of your friends acts the most like you? abresas
Who have you known the longest of your friends? chrispappas
Are you close to any family member? Literally, they're thousands of km away. I'm closer to my dad than my mom.
Who do you hang around the most? chrispappas
When have you cried the most? Exactly a year ago.
Worst feeling? Temporarily losing the sense of balance because of a middle ear trauma due to a kick (I love you Alex).
What time is it now? 2.14am.

Mood: Homesick, uncomfortable, bored.
Music: None.
Taste: Neutral.
Annoyance: Excalibur progressing less than planned.
Thing I ought to be doing: Sleeping.
Windows open: Firefox [on Gmail, dAmn (#devart, #musicookie, #lolwat, #dastaff, #clowntown, #seniors, #thumbshare, #photographers, #help), 4 dA developer pages, a dA userpage, a dA deviation, an IMDB page, a wikipedia entry]; Thunderbird; Notepad++; Windows Explorer; Apache; Skype; GAIM (with miksago)
Desktop picture: jisuk's "one".

Do I/Have I ever...
Have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes.
Remember your first love? Of course.
Still love him/her? I'd like them to be alright.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Yes.
Consider yourself tolerant of others? Yes, providing they are interesting enough to balance it.
Consider love a mistake? Certainly not.
Like the taste of alcohol? No.
Have a favorite candy? Mars, 3-bit, Bueno, Happy Hippo. Anything involving chocolate.
Do well in school? Yes.
Close friends? Yes, but few.
Wish on stars? Yes. I don't believe it makes a difference. It's just a reminder to wish for something. Wishing doesn't help but to discover your own desires, I think.
Like your handwriting? No. I don't use it anyway.
Care about looks? Yes.

Love and stuff...
Gay? Straight? Bi? Null? Gay. Although against the gay culture/lifestyle in general.
First crush? What about it?
Even been in a thing called love? Yes.
Do you believe in love at first sight? No. Attraction, lust, and crush, yes, but not love.

  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: A Perfect Circle
  • Reading: The Mythical Man-Month
  • Watching: Children of Men
  • Playing: The Neverhood
  • Eating: Chinese Food
  • Drinking: Milk
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philo23 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
wooo, i'm kinda famous.
dkaragasidis Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
Damn... That was too long, man! ;-)
AstartEnchantress Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
Light-Archangel Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
Haha indeed you're addicted my friend!
lordgonz Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
this is actually long :P

but very interesting

"Stolen anything: An Internet connection through Wireless."


I would like to do it but i'm too lazy
Myangelofmusic Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thats a LONG tag :|
dancewiththesky Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
I'm pretty surprised that you use Windows :)
dionyziz Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
Yeah I'm on my VAIO lappie at the moment (and so was I yesterday).... where I have Windows :)

In fact, VAIOs are very rough about linux :( I tried installing it once, but I had problems... I'll go for another attempt in a week or so, but my guess is that it'll be a pain to get the wireless working :)
dancewiththesky Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007

The thread concluded that Dapper (6.06) will get some (or all?) of these things working (Actually an even newer version of Ubuntu, "Edgy" (6.10), has been released since October 26, 2006) What distro did you try?
dionyziz Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
I tried customized Gentoo and Knoppix, but didn't get too far with it. I didn't put too much effort in fact; just spent a few hours. I'll get back to it as soon as I'm home so that I can have my desktop computer to work with while I'm installing linux on this :)
dancewiththesky Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2007
Good luck :)
Diabolo-Spinner Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007
thats the scarriest tag ever :|
dionyziz Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
LOL probably.

Cheers :)
Alteru Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007
treijim Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007  Professional General Artist
"Do you believe in love at first sight? No. Attraction, lust, and crush, yes, but not love."

Well said :#1:
dionyziz Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
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