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Submitted on
May 10, 2007



General news

Journal Entry: Thu May 10, 2007, 12:42 AM

Okay, um, so I haven't really done any "personal news" update on these journals for some time now. So here's what's up with me.

First off, these days I'm experiencing teenage-like mood swings, which is very enjoyable, because it's mostly a filling of positive and energetic power (unlike my actual teens during which it was mostly negative). It's fun though, and I get to appreciate all little things out there. And I can tell that it encourages me to work harder in programming and other areas, as I have an extraordinary willingness to do stuff.

This Wednesday (rearranged, although the initial plan was to leave on Saturday) I'm going back to my parents' city, Ioannina, where I'll stay for five days, so that I can see my friends over there; going to spend most of the time programming (as always), going out for coffee or dinner or meetings with friends, checking with the moderation team of chit-chat, and helping out a particular student in mathematics, since exams are close :P and hopefully also some Parkour if we get to it.

Talking of traveling, there's a good chance for a trip to London on the 28th of June, so any British deviants who want to meet, please let me know beforehand! :)

And, talking of exams, a lot of my friends are going through Πανελλήνιες (pre-university exams in Greece) this year so I'd like to wish good luck to AstartEnchantress, jujimufu, deathstyle, Gatoni, Crypto.

I recently figured out that my house in Athens does not have enough decoration, so I'm going to work on that. Suggestions on themes, styling, and decoration in general are mostly welcome.

Oh, and, it hasn't been long since I completed one year as a deviantART developer, how cool is that :boogie:. Perhaps I could go out and celebrate that with a dinner with friends. But I'm not sure exactly when, since all this stuff's going on.

On other news, I still have not started my nin-jutsu training that I so have been looking forward to, but fortunately I have arranged with a teacher here in Athens a meeting as soon as I come back from Ioannina, so that should get this going.

Last; for all PHP developers out there that read my journal, I'm planning to publish my application framework for PHP5 (Rabbit) that I use on my non-dA sites (like Chit-Chat) soon under BSD, so I'll get you a link as soon as that's done. I hope you'll like it, although it's not your traditional framework :)

Anyways. Thanks for the wonderful comments on poems that I asked for recently. I think you guys have helped me a lot by leaving comments. It's great.


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Hey, it's good to hear you're still keeping well Dio ^^
I'd love to travel down to London during June, but somehow I don't think I'll be allowed :hmm:
Any chance you'd come up to Coventry?

Congrats on your position on here, man! Here's hoping (but definitely not doubting) you'll still be doing the great work in the future!

I doubt I'll be able to make it to Coventry, I'd like to go to so many places in Britain but it's just only a week, which isn't even enough to see London itself! :(

If you happen to be able to come to London, it'd be really great to meet though :D
Ah- no worries... As much as I'd love to see you- I'd rather you have fun, and then when I'm older we could possibly make arrangements then :giggle:
I love London though ^^ My mum doesn't like it- but I think the general atmosphere/hustle and bustle is pretty invigorating.
Then again- it's probably because I'm a small-city guy, and we rarely get much excitement here.

Chances of me making it to London are extremely slim, but I do wish you an awesome time while you're there :manhug:
radioPooh May 10, 2007
walk the spiritual path in life . it's my best advice friend . ( so far you don't answer )
Nice! It seems life is going great over there! =D I whish you the best my friend! =D haha have a wonderful time with your parents! =)
Wow! I hope you have a lot of fun visiting your parents and get to program lots. Since you travel so much, fill up space with souvenirs and mementos from the different cities you visit! dA-related or not, it'll still be cool to see.

Having a job where you travel a lot must be the unique experience.
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