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November 21, 2006



11 things and more

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 21, 2006, 5:49 AM



It's about time I wrote a journal, huh?

Right. Lots of news going on here. First off, I'm back in Greece, and here's a quick review of this long trip that lasted almost three months:

* Ioannina, Greece
* Athens, Greece
* Madrid, Spain
* Mexico City, Mexico
* Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
* Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
* Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
* Dusseldorf, Germany
* Athens, Greece

Excluding the fact that I visited my parents' home in Yannina for a week, I'm now living in my own little home in Athens, that I've set up just the way I want it. It's kinda sweet.

Living alone is probably much better than not. I mean, living without your parents just gives you a lot of freedom. I've of course been used to that a bit in L.A. and Vancouver, but now I'm seeing it from a totally different angle. Yet again, you have new responsibilities (washing clothes, going to the super market, cleaning your own home). Anyway, I'm starting to enjoy it! It's great that you get to decorate your rooms exactly the way you want to, that you can sleep any time you want, that you can go out until any time you want. Perhaps I can upload some scraps of photos of my home at some point...

I've been accepted in a really good school at university, it's called the HMMY departmenent of EMP. It's somewhat related to Computer Science, Electronics, Hardware and more. I paid a visit to a few lessons, especially mathematics. It's kinda cool, there's a lot of things to learn, and a lot of questions to ask, but it needs a lot of time devotion. Then again, I prefer engineering, coding for deviantART, and coding for my own projects, and I enjoy that the most, so that's probably what I'm going to do
this year -- and why not, perhaps for a few more years. We'll see. In any case, university is not priority number one. Probably the best part of university is that you get to hang out with people around your age, which I've been missing a bit during the last months (if we exclude pachunka).

Talking of people around my age, I had abresas come down to Athens for a few days and pay me a visit during the last weekend, which was at needless to say marvellous.

Uh-oh, unrelated. I got my eyebrow and earlobe pierced. Blame dStruct (but it looks sweet).

11 Things
Since I haven't written a journal for some time now, perhaps I should play one of those little journal games we always play. I stole this one from Moonbeam13's Journal
(who, by the way, published the lyrics of this lovely traditional wiccan Samhain Song).

The rules:
* Write 11 things you want to say about 11 different people.
* Don't say who they pertain to.
* Feel free to comment, but don't confirm or answer anything.
* Never discuss it again.

So let's do this!

1) You cannot imagine how much I miss you. It's such a pity that we will most probably never meet again. Although most people wouldn't think you could, when you only knew me for a few weeks, you really understood me more than even some of my few close friends did. And even though you probably don't want to know that, I cried when we parted.

2) Your bad behaviour towards me and other people taught me a lot. The way I changed you, observing your new actions helped me figure how to judge people's personalities and interpret their feelings. I don't know if there could be a better way to learn this, but it was harsh.

3) You are extremely smarter than you think you are, and than I thought you are. I'm glad I get the chance to hang out with you. I expect a lot more to come out of this relationship, and I'm sure that every day you will become even better in what you do and soon enough better than myself. Just keep it up.

4) I love you more than I love anybody else. You made me change my definion of the word "love" from "the feeling for someone I wouldn't kill for a price any big" to "the feeling for someone whose life I value more than mine". And you probably don't even understand what it means when I say I love you. Sometimes I really believe the life I'm living is the second best choice I could have made, and that's because of you. Then again, perhaps it's not a matter of choice.

5) I respect you a lot, and I find you a good model to follow in my life. I find your opinions very useful, some correct and some wrong. You made many mistakes, but you still are a person to look up to. Yet, I won't forget how hard life became for me when you told me those words eight years ago.

6) Although your mood swings are something not to be surprised about, we would make the perfect couple, just if I could have the potential for you to like me. Good or bad, now we can just be friends. I hope we can be just as good friends as we used to be.

7) You have a full understanding of my personality, and can explain everything I feel, better than anybody else. Even though you don't know as much about me as my closest friends, you've been by my side for more than ten years now, and I guess that's why you can say these things. Whenever you speak about me, I am always astonished by how you can see through my eyes. I once used to be in love with you, girl, and that's something most of the people I know wouldn't even believe is possible.
8) I never intented to harm you. I apologise for anything I did to you that made you react in such a bad way towards me. I'm sure you'll never talk to me again, but I just wanted to let you know I didn't mean to do anything bad to you, and I wish you could tell me what made you hate me.
9) You're the first person I fell in love with, and you're my sweetest memory. When I saw you again, I didn't dare to ask that question that would make the whole puzzle of my life come into place. And I'll probably never get the chance again. You're the reason I like Peter Pan. Good luck in your life.

10) You're a very hard-working person and that's appreciated. I think that this ability of yours will help you out in the future, as it did in the past. I'm glad you like being my friend, and I love it when we have a great time together.

11) We used to understand each other a lot, and exchange so many ideas and thoughts. I don't know how everything fell apart, but it was probably because of me. I don't wish we become friends again, though, as I know it won't work out. Thank you for the good time we had together. Nowadays, you're a good memory, and I sometimes consider what you would advice in order to move on.

So yeah. Feel free to play this game yourself, and leave a comment to your own journal. It's kinda cool, ain't it? So now you're all wondering what phrase belongs to whom. Funny. But if you really know, better not reveal it to other people, as this would make the game less fun.

Anyway. That's it folks. More news to come soon, hopefully, as I've started some cool plans on November 10th.

Let's see how they turn out in a few months :-)

  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Martin Leung (still)
  • Reading: Management
  • Watching: 5 computer screens
  • Playing: Minesweeper
  • Eating: Something I cook myself
  • Drinking: Milk (as always)
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wrighton363 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
tis good hearing from you.

you've been all over :O
dionyziz Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2006
Yeah, I traveled a bit. It's nice to be back home, though. Perhaps I should go for another small trip on February. No plans settled, though. Let's hope so lol :D
angelkath Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
DIONYSIIII~ xairomai pou pernas kala :D kairo exoume na ta poume... ^^

Might do the 11 things thing, it's a nice idea. :)

Have fun and take care, kai mhn xanesai eee. :smooch:
dionyziz Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2006
chrysa-a Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
preepei na perases teleia...

Oraio auto me ta 11 things for others...but i think i am not in the mood to thing of the others and write sth about them
DarkMythril Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
Aww... That's a nice thing to do. =) I think I will too. If I can come up with 11 people.

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. And I mean that; good news is wonderful. Do you have any pictures of the eyebrow/ear piercings? Keep this between us, but someday I want to get an eyebrow piercing. :XD:

Take care and good luck in university and beyond. :thumbsup:
dionyziz Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
Thanks, I'll probably take some pictures of the piercings and upload them as scraps. Perhaps. Stay tuned :)
bushyhaired Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
sounds like you're having an wesome time in Athens. I'd also like to see pics. =P Living alone is so great. I know I wouldn't change it for anything! XD

Interesting 11 things. (a game like this is usually called a meme. go figure. no idea why though, or who named them. you tag other people to also fill them in, so it goes all around blogs and internet in general...) ^____^

Take care~
dionyziz Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
(btw cool avatar)
bushyhaired Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
Will do. XD

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